Jazz Bar

A tasting experience for all the senses

Beer in The Woods is a new Jazz Bar concept that focuses on the craft beer and mead tasting experience; accompanied by wood-fired pizzas.
For this project we participated by creating:

Strategic Positioning (DNA)
Brand creation: Denomination, Visual identity
Space design
Experience design
Menu design
Operation Coaching
Opening Event


Beer in the Woods is a development of strategic and branding tools that culminated in a well-defined DNA, which served as a starting point for the design of the brand, the place, and a different experience.

In addition to craft beers and wood-fired pizza, the offer is complemented by meads, a drink of Scandinavian origin that is considered the ancestor of beer.

Its preparation consists of fermenting honey with water and yeast; and it is prepared with selected wild honey from all over the Mexican Republic, yeast, and water from the Guadalajara forest.