Skool Snack – Yobits

A healthy snack based on cereals and natural ingredients with a high content of fruit aimed at kids.

The experience of the brand shows a preference of children for their mothers’ Yobits. The challenge was to create a version of the product aimed at the little ones at home so we developed for this project:

Creative Concept
Key differentiators
Brand design



The Skool Snack® was born, with the idea that the box should be part of the mother’s kitchen, and be easily accessible to include them in the lunch box that the children take to school, combined with a fruit, a yogurt, to have a light but nutritious complete meal.

The box with twenty individual envelopes add up to the number of school days in a full month, one for each day. It is of practical value to have a healthy snack available for children that complements their meals at playtime in school, is fun and creates a whole meal experience.